Creative understanding and life-                                        modeled by time and experience…

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Born and raised in the drier hinterlands of eastern Oregon in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.A., the seasonally diminished amount of rain and water had instilled upon me the value of this natural life force.  Since my initial sojourn in Greece as a young adult, I have had an affinity to places most abundant with water. The abundance of this fluid medium creates a natural abundance of greater diversity of life, it seems…. and I have come to rejoice within this abundance and diversity.

So now, living in a rural area within sight of Skälderviken, a modest bay adjoining the cool, temperate waters of the Kattegatt between Denmark and Sweden, I witness an even greater profusion of both specie diversity and population. My scrutiny reflects on plants, animals and of course people, as well. 

Since moving to my new adopted land, I have discovered permacultural concepts used in gardening and have embraced them wholly, using my sculptural creativity to carve out and model a living/growing environment that will continue to feed me and my wonderful partner Christel, with an abundance to sustain ourselves and our inspiration for many years to come. After which, this abundance will continue to feed and stimulate countless others well into the future with little input beyond nature’s own labor.

With a new vitality from this evolving environment comes a greater understanding of life itself. From that arises  zealous personal observations and reflections on the present conditions of our global humanity. Although our humanity is racing forward at light speed in its technical discoveries and achievements, socially as a specie we seem to be stagnating with the struggle to maintain traditional yet outdated precepts. 

Humanity’s old ecclesiastical and social/legal canons, all written eons ago in regards to our present scientific knowledge, understanding and technological prowess, needs to be updated to represent what our human experience is during our contemporary time. Mythological tales were acceptable as stories to fill in the blank spaces of knowledge during archaic times, but now should be relegated as entertainment and historical footnotes. The human experience with its own richness in diversity must be accepted for its uniqueness all the while fostering a oneness as our technology crowds us onto the finite space of this shrinking globe. We must cast off our ’tribal’ affinities and define the future’s similitudes, those that will allow us to continue to grow in the absence of confrontations, wars and general discontent.  

If you peruse through my Archives link above you will note that the vast majority of my previous sculptural activities has been of a non-objective or abstract demeanor. It is from within the context of my present personal feelings and thoughts, as mentioned above, and those regarding the zeitgeist of the world’s present ills that I am finding my present inspiration. There is a fire that burns within me compelling me to scream out, in the symbolic language of my art, to tell all that ”something is drastically wrong". Our immediate attention is required to repair, renew or amend these social ills if we and our children’s children are to continue a blessed existence on this rock we call earth. 

With that as the framework, my present work has evolved into figurative representations within vignettes, calling out the outdated and inauspicious actions and social norms of capitalism that are now placing the human existence in peril and preventing us from a greater and more worthy advancement as an intelligent ’ civilized’ species. In a sense these creations have become my sounding board, my soapbox… the means for me to hopefully make a small yet valuable impact on others; to ponder, question and educate themselves on what’s going on and possibly begin to make positive personal changes that will affect them, the world environment and others. If we could all manage to influence just a handful of people in this positive manner the world would seem to change almost overnight. Let’s all work together on this, as humanity can achieve so much more than where we are or what we can even begin to imagine!

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